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ElderCraft® branding allows quick recognition of the gold standard in premium authentic European Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra).

ElderCraft® is a line of high-quality elderberry extract powders manufactured using premium Austrian black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) of the variety Haschberg. ElderCraft® delivers standardized amounts of elderberry polyphenols and anthocyanins and is available in powder or liquid form. ElderCraft® is produced with a gentle membrane extraction technology that enriches active compounds including polyphenols and High Molecular Weight Fractions (polysaccharides.)  No harsh solvents are used enabling ElderCraft® to main flavor and other natural fruit attributes.

ElderCraft® has been scientifically substantiated with a large-scale human clinical trial in addition to numerous other studies demonstrating its potent immune support properties and other clinically relevant benefits like prebiotic activity in the gut.

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CherryCraft® is made exclusively from premium quality tart cherries grown in the fertile and fruitful grounds along the banks of the Vistula, Poland’s largest river. Our proprietary, innovative extraction technology has enabled us to produce a Tart Cherry extract with the highest level of polyphenols available in the marketplace.

Our CherryCraft® is the go-to ingredient for use in sports recovery, sports performance, sleep and cardiovascular health.

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CurrantCraft® is a branded ingredient made exclusively from premium quality black currants of European origin.

Black currants are the subject to numerous clinical studies that demonstrate its beneficial effects on cognition, sport performance, cardiovascular health and vision support. Our CurrantCraft® 7 & 11 are standardized to anthocyanins and polyphenols and suitable for a variety of finished products.

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AroniaCraft® is made exclusively from premium quality aronia berries traceable to their European origin and standardized to polyphenols and anthocyanins. 

Aronia berries have been studied in numerous clinical studies demonstrating their beneficial natural effects on human health.  Studies have shown marked clinically relevant benefits in the area of cardiovascular support, as well as glucose metabolism, gastric support, immune support, and more.

Artemis is the proud U.S. supplier of the superior quality line of Fruit D’Or cranberry and blueberry ingredients:

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Cran d’Or™ (conventional) and Cran naturelle™ (organic) are the number one whole-fruit cranberry ingredients on the market. These best-in-class, clinically proven powders carry a guarantee of standardized quality, purity and potency. Cran d’Or™ and Cran naturelle™ are 100% whole-fruit powders, containing the skin, seeds and oil. They are made with no fillers or additives. Use of the whole cranberry fruit provides protein, fiber, potassium, free fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 and an abundance of antioxidants and proanthocyanidins. These powders offer a variety of health benefits, including support for urinary tract, digestive system, skin and prostate health.Cran d’Or™ and Cran naturelle™ are award-winning, science-backed ingredients offering the highest quality at the lowest cost per daily dose.
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Fruit d’Or has expertly created a pure, field-to-table, low-bush whole fruit wild blueberry powder – Blue naturelle™ Organic Wild Blueberry Powder and Blue d’Or™ Conventional Wild Blueberry Powder.Both of these wild blueberry whole-fruit powders are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher and contain no additives, excipients or carriers. With their proprietary processes, the color, flavor and aroma are preserved as Mother Nature intended. Made from 100% whole blueberry, these full-spectrum nutraceutical powders are versatile ingredients for supplements, smoothies, baking products, dairy and cosmetic applications
BerryDefense® is an expertly formulated blend of standardized, high-flavonoid berry ingredients that provides a single multi-functional ingredient that provides immune, cardiovascular, and vision support—all of which are very relevant to today’s consumer who has been trying to keep healthy, improve high-risk factors, and relieve screen-weary eyes.
The proprietary blend of premium European black elderberry, aronia, and black currant ingredients are specially formulated to offer a standardized level of > 8% anthocyanins and > 20% polyphenols.

Ecovitis® is a premium, standardized grape seed extract (GSE) sourced exclusively from Italian vineyards and manufactured by Bonollo in Italy. This one-of-a-kind extract is clinically studied and made using a patented, gentle membrane extraction technology. Ecovitis® is a stand-out in the crowd of GSEs by its uniquely low level of monomers and a highly-polymerized oligomeric proanthocyanidin content of at least 85%.

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