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CherryCraft® is a premium brand produced from a special variety of European tart cherries called Vistula, the name of the longest and largest river in Poland.

The CherryCraft® Difference: Vistula vs. Montmorency

Vistula cherries were selected for the production of CherryCraft® because of their high levels of anthocyanins and polyphenols. The high polyphenol and anthocyanin content in the Vistula raw material makes it possible to standardize CherryCraft® at higher concentration levels – higher than those of other cherry products on the market. This makes CherryCraft® the natural first choice for your product.

CherryCraft® is extracted from the cherries using an exclusive technology (Iprona Polyphenol Technology – IPT) that treats fruits gently without using any chemical solvents. The result? A one-of-a-kind premium ingredient that maintains more of the natural fruit profile.


IPT is a fully mechanical, chemical solvent-free ultra-filtration process for separating and enriching the active molecules found in berries. IPT complies with the most stringent quality standards and features specially designed membranes with different pore sizes that separate molecules in pressed fruit juice based on their size. Polyphenols, anthocyanins and other large molecules go in one direction, while sugars, mineral salts and other small molecules go in another. In doing so, IPT enriches without harsh chemical solvents, creating an authentic, high-quality extract that retains the entire fruit matrix.



CherryCraft® is completely soluble and easily formulates into dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages:

We are always available to discuss your product development plans (and challenges) and have samples available for your evaluation.  Consider Artemis as an extension of your product development team – we want to help bring your product development plans to fruition.

We can also provide a custom blends/premixes for customers who prefer that we provide a “solution” vs. a simple single ingredient. Please call us at (260) 436-6899 or email

A comparative analysis of Montmorency and Vistula cherries generated some very important and impressive results:

cherrycraft POLYPHENOLES


Vistula cherries contain more than twice the polyphenols of Montmorency cherries.



Vistula cherries contain three times more chlorogenic acid than Montmorency cherries.


Vistula cherries contain six times more anthocyanins than Montmorency cherries.

Health Benefits

Tart Cherry has been the subject of numerous studies that demonstrate its many health benefits. For example, tart Cherry is known to promote healthy inflammatory responses after intensive exercises. In fact, research shows tart cherries can help with muscle recovery and protect against post-exercise muscle weakness and soreness. Furthermore, there is scientific evidence that it has antioxidative effects and a positive impact on cardiovascular health. As a result, this ingredient is a perfect fit for products that support sport recovery and performance.

CherryCraft® is a full spectrum extract from European tart cherries and is currently involved in several clinical studies to expand upon the existing body of tart cherry research.

CherryCraft® Powder

Premium European tart cherry extract standardized to a minimum polyphenol content via a proprietary membrane extraction process, enriching active compounds without harsh chemical solvents. We offer 3 options to meet your product development needs:

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1% Polyphenols

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9% Polyphenols

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14% Polyphenols