significant clinical cardiovascular benefits of aronia berry

New meta analysis confirms significant clinical cardiovascular benefits of aronia berry

Berryceuticals leader backs new compelling meta-analysis of aronia berry, conducted by the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences.

September 2020— Ft. Wayne, IN. — Functional ingredients leader and Berryceuticals® specialist, Artemis International, furthers its commitment to leadership within the dark berry extracts space with its support of the newly published meta-analysis on the cardiovascular benefits of aronia berry. Artemis International commissioned Dr. Jessie Hawkins and her team of researchers at the Franklin School of Integrated Health Sciences in Franklin, TN, to conduct an objective, full-scale meta-analysis of the existing individual controlled clinical trials.

“The goal of this project was to get to the “heart of the matter” about whether aronia definitively has true, statistically-sound, observable and clinically-relevant health outcomes to improve heart health—namely blood pressure and cholesterol levels,” says Melanie Bush, Director of Science at Artemis International.

The timing of the study is particularly relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, as some of the high-risk factors for complications due to COVID-19 include high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The positive effects of aronia on systolic blood pressure and cholesterol were particularly strong among individuals aged 50 and over (age being another risk factor for COVID complications).

Analysis and Results Overview
The analysis focused on the target question: What does aronia do for the end user when it comes to cardiovascular health? Dr. Hawkins and her team evaluated clinical research that studied the effects of 6-8 weeks of aronia supplementation on systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and cholesterol, also taking into account age as it is associated with cardiovascular disease. To ensure the accuracy of the observed results, a 26-point quality assessment was used to rule out issues like publication bias and insufficient statistical power, to ensure that the studies that were included in the meta-analysis represent only the highest quality studies available in the literature.

The current Aronia Meta Analysis concluded that daily supplementation with a high-quality aronia berry product has a significant reduction effect on overall relevant risk factors of cardiovascular disease, including systolic blood pressure and total cholesterol. Supplementation with aronia berry for a period of 6-8 weeks is sufficient to produce a significant reduction in these markers, with stronger effects found among adults over the age of 50. The normalizing and targeted effects of aronia suggests both preventative and treatment applications that are relevant to today’s consumer.

“Keeping healthy during these times is not just a matter of the immune system—keeping your heart and cardiovascular system strong and in a healthy balance is crucial in times of COVID concerns and beyond,” reinforces Bush.

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