BerryDefense® Immune Blend for immune health

Artemis International introduces BerryDefense® Immune Blend for immune health

Artemis International (Fort Wayne, IN) is boosting its immune support offerings with new BerryDefense® Immune Blend. The proprietary blend contains standardized extracts of European black elderberry, aronia, and black currant to support not only immune health, but also cardiovascular health, and even vision health. Because high blood pressure is a risk factor for COVID-19 complications, and telecommuting for work and school creates added eye strain, the blend addresses a number of health concerns relevant to the pandemic.

“After experiencing record demand for our ElderCraft extracts, we wanted to meet the ongoing needs of our finished product customers, and consumers, with an ingredient that reaches beyond the benefits of Black Elderberry,” says Leslie Gallo, president of Artemis International, in a press release. “With our BerryDefense® blend, Black Elderberry is combined with other clinically-validated ingredients to offer a flavonoid-packed immune powerhouse that also provides other significant benefits during the COVID pandemic.”

Read it in Nutritional Outlook.

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