Beyond Antioxidants: The Power of Berries

Beyond Antioxidants: The Power of Berries

Versatile, scientifically-validated berry ingredients are ripe for innovative applications.

By Melanie Bush, Artemis International VP of Science & Research

Plant-based is all the rage these days for reasons ranging from health to environmental concerns. And while the number of plant-based products on the market is vast and varied, few are more adaptable—or boast a more compelling narrative—than berries.

Thanks to effective marketing campaigns over the years, berries are now essentially synonymous with antioxidant power and therefore universally regarded as good for us. Healthwise, their stellar reputation is justified by decades of modern science. Desirable flavor profiles, bold colors, and mainstream acceptance significantly up the ante on berries. The bottom line? Berry ingredients are a perfect fit for a wide variety of functional food/beverage and dietary supplement applications.

In recent years, berry ingredient options have become much more sophisticated and diverse. There are so many more ways to reap the benefits of berries beyond sprinkling some on your cereal or taking a fruit supplement. Berry ingredients—specifically those with standardized bioactives—have grown in popularity within the supplement market and cover a wide array of health angles. But perhaps the largest growth opportunity lies with the evolving functional food and beverage market.

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