Clinical Study Shows Black Currant Effective for Digital Vision Fatigue

Clinical Study Shows Black Currant Effective for Digital Vision Fatigue

Artemis International CurrantCraft® ingredient featured in study supporting eye health benefits of black currant extract

April 2022— Ft. Wayne, IN. — Artemis International, Inc., a leading supplier of Berryceuticals® ingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage industry, announces the completion of a ground-breaking clinical study supporting its CurrantCraft® ingredient as effective against symptoms of digital eye strain. Particularly during the pandemic, many consumers have turned to Zoom and other digital video platforms to maintain connection with professional and social communities. Many media have documented the effects of hours of video interaction on vision health, such as blurry vision, creating a wide body of evidence that digital eye strain is yet another fallout from the pandemic. Particularly noteworthy is the boom in esports, which involves players spending many hours at a computer screen.

The study featured a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial that was conducted in the United States (2021) among 61 adult female participants, aged 30-59 years old, working or studying full time in an online environment. Full time exposure was defined as having six or more hours on average per day in front of a screen. For the purposes of this study, three domains were included: blurred vision, dry eye, and eye strain.

The CurrantCraft group saw a significant 29.9% reduction in blurry vision during the 70-day trial period. Participants in the CurrantCraft group also experienced a greater improvement for dry eye and eye strain, compared to the placebo group.

“The pandemic’s many disruptions have created a need for innovative health solutions that can deliver meaningful results. Our research team was excited to see the impressive effects of CurrantCraft on screen-induced symptoms such as blurred vision and double vision,” says Jessie Hawkins, PhD, Executive Director, Franklin Health Research Center. 

“Artemis International is very excited about the potential for CurrantCraft in the ocular health market,” says Melanie Bush, Vice President of Science and Research. “With more people moving to remote learning and work, and many indications showing that this will become more the norm in our post-pandemic lives, this study clearly demonstrates that black currant berries show substantial promise to support overall eye health.”

Artemis International will be exhibiting at Supply Side East, April 12-13, at booth 231, and will be discussing the new vision health study featuring CurrantCraft as well as other scientific and product developments.

CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract is a protected trademark officially licensed by IPRONA, SPA.

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Artemis International was founded in 1995 by Jan Mills, and celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 2020. The woman-owned Artemis International, has become a leader in science-driven flavonoid rich, berry-based nutraceutical ingredients branded as Berryceuticals® for use in the dietary supplements, food and beverages, and cosmeceutical industries.

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