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Immune Health Uninterrupted: Year-Round Attention Highlights Prevention’s Value

Consumers still consider immune health a top reason for taking dietary supplements. In a hyper-competitive marketplace, brands are diversifying delivery formats, formulating with science-backed dietary ingredients, and emphasizing product quality. Read the full story in Nutraceuticals World.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been more likely to proactively support their immune systems all year, beyond traditional seasonal concern. They’re also noting how wellness issues like stress and sleep may affect immune function.

“In the past, consumers predominantly only reached for immune support products during the cold and flu season or on an as-needed basis,” said Melanie Bush, vice president of science and research at Artemis International. Now, the modern pandemic has turned immune system health into a year-round concern that is synonymous with overall wellness. While the fear of severe illness may have waned, the desire to supplement daily to maintain good immune health has stuck.”

Proprietary ingredients have a strong foothold in today’s market, according to Bush, given a high level of scrutiny on ingredient quality and because the structure-function claim “immune support” remains the primary consumer-facing message for the category.

“Consumers need to dig deeper into the quality and efficacy of these products,” she suggested. “Using branded ingredients that are substantiated with clinical studies makes it easier for formulators to reach consumers with this point of differentiation and helps to cultivate a more educated consumer base.”

Read the full article in Nutraceuticals World.

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