Immune Health Trends and Solutions Q&A

Natural Products Insider: Immune Health Trends and Solutions Q&A

The global pandemic has pushed health to the forefront of consumers’ minds. To complement changes in diet and lifestyle, more consumers are turning to dietary supplements to support immune health. In March 2020, sales of immunity products surged 199% year-over-year, with elderberry ranking as a top seller. Natural Products Insider spoke with Artemis VP of Sales & Business Development Chris Tower to get his forecast on the immune supplements industry, including top immune health trends and solutions.

  1. What specific ingredients supporting immune health do you offer for brands in supplement applications? Over the years, Artemis International (and our partner Iprona AG, Italy) has been at the forefront in supporting the immune health category, led by our proprietary extracted, human clinically-studied, ElderCraft® standardized extracts portfolio (European Black Elderberry – Sambucus nigra).Additionally, Artemis is currently exploring research on other dark-pigment extracts in our Berryceuticals® line (including Aronia and Black currant).
  2. What advancements and innovations do you offer in support of specific formulations? Are your ingredients supported by specific science and studies? European Black Elderberry (S. nigra) and ElderCraft® has been substantially tested in scientific studies (in both laboratory settings and on human subjects).Notably, in 2016 a large human clinical study was conducted with ElderCraft® involving 312 long-haul flight passengers (Tiralongo et al, Nutrients, 2016-Mar-24). This randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical study found that supplementation with ElderCraft® was effective in reducing the total duration and severity of upper respiratory symptoms (50% fewer cold episodes, 33% shorter illness duration, 50% fewer symptoms and 33% less severe symptoms).Appreciating the healthy interconnectedness of our immune system and gut microbiota, Artemis (together with Iprona) is participating in further advancement of research aimed at demonstrating the prebiotic activity of ElderCraft® (S. nigra), and other select berry extracts in our Berryceuticals® line – preliminary (preclinical) studies suggest anthocyanins (polyphenols and/or additional berry flavonoid compounds) may contribute a positive prebiotic effect in the gut microbiome (increasing beneficial, and inhibiting detrimental, gut bacteria).
  3. How do you define your company’s point of differentiation in the market? Since our founding in 1995 (and focus on Berryceuticals®), Artemis continues as a pioneer and key contributor to the scientific awareness, continuing clinical development and commercialization of efficacious standardized extracts derived from darkly-pigmented berries (including Aronia, Black currant, Cherry, Cranberry, Elderberry-S. nigra, and other unique extracts such as Purple Corn). From inception, Artemis had realized the immense potential of bioactive flavonoids (anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins – polyphenols), compelling the company’s focused core competencies and vertical integration ( dedicated cultivation alliances, proprietary extraction/purification technologies, scientific prowess, nimble operations and laser focused customer service/support).
  4. Do you offer ingredients supported by certifications (Kosher, USDA Organic, nonGMO, gluten free, etc.)? Are there other specific claims that your ingredient(s) supports? Within our portfolio of ingredients and partners (including Artemis’ Berryceuticals® line; Iprona Craft line; Fruit d’Or CRAN-naturelle® line) we are certified to GFSI audit schemes including FSSC 22000, BRC and SQF; a vast number of our ingredients are organic certified; and all Artemis ingredients are not genetically engineered, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, kosher and halal certified.Our Berryceuticals” line of extracts supports multiple claims, notably: antioxidant activity, immune support, cardiovascular, metabolic, vision, digestive and urinary-tract health, as well as sports performance/recovery and promoting a healthy inflammation response.

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