new categories where functional berries can shine

New Categories Where Berry Ingredients Can Shine

Beyond smoothies and gummies, formulators can find opportunities in esports, gut health, and more.

By Melanie Bush, Artemis International VP of Science & Research

Even though the CDC consistently reports that the percentage of U.S. adults meeting fruit and vegetable intake recommendations is low,1 many of us do love our berries. (And thankfully so!) That fondness might look like anything from whirling frozen berries into a smoothie to downing a functional beverage that contains a boost of berry phytonutrients. Or it could mean a daily dose of elderberry immune support gummies. No matter the personal preference where consumption is concerned, the overall popularity of berry-based products continues to grow—and with that comes a myriad of new market opportunities. 

Scientists continue to research the specific ways that berries, and berry ingredients, can provide desirable health benefits. In turn, this growing body of knowledge launches certain berry ingredients into new categories, providing innovation opportunities actively sought by savvy formulators. The resulting discoveries are an industry win-win for manufacturers and consumers alike. 

In other words, we all understand berries have tremendous antioxidant and healthy aging properties. And we know some berry ingredients have clinically substantiated health benefits in particular areas, such as elderberry for immune support or aronia berry for cardiovascular support. However, there are certain berries that now have sufficient scientific substantiation to play a prominent role in new categories. 

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