The Rise of Phytonutrients and Opportunities for Innovative Formulations

The Rise of Phytonutrients and Opportunities for Innovative Formulations

Move over macronutrients and micronutrients—the time for phytonutrients has come.

By Melanie Bush, Artemis International VP of Science & Research

The quest for good health is a universal one—for everyone from dieters to aspiring marathoners to people looking to actively ward off germs during cold and flu season. Wellness affects each and every one of us. The good news is that choices we make regarding diet and supplementation can have a significant impact on our health.

Because of this, consumers regularly scan product labels for important macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, and important micronutrients like vitamin D or iron. However, there is another class of compounds that greatly impacts our health that is not currently included on any Nutrition Facts label. Phytochemicals (“phyto” from the Greek word for plant) are natural chemicals or compounds produced by plants that help keep plants healthy.

Unlike macros and micros, phytochemicals aren’t considered essential nutrients for survival in humans. However, when you eat plant-based products rich in these phytochemicals, they serve an important role in helping protect against disease and keeping your body working properly. It is this crucial distinction that led to the adoption of the term “phytonutrients” within the industry, to align this class of bioactive compounds with the powerhouse macronutrients and micronutrients of the nutrition world.

The benefits of phytonutrients have propelled them into the spotlight as something that should be quantified and recommended as part of a healthy diet. The opportunity has come for innovation, formulation, and policy change within the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries to make this happen and cultivate a healthier population.

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