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Lingonberry Powder

Vaccinium vitis-idaea

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Lingonberry powder is a versatile, functional ingredient for use in dietary supplements as well as food and beverage formulations. Lingonberry has been the subject of a variety of scientific studies across multiple categories including inflammation, antioxidant capacity, vascular function, healthy aging, and more.

Lingonberries are small, tart, red berries that grow on small evergreen shrubs. They are native to the Scandinavian region of northern Europe but also grow wild in other areas of the Artic tundra across Asia and North America. They have been cultivated in various countries around the world and are appreciated for both their history in culinary uses as well as their health benefits related to their high antioxidant status. The scientific research into the health benefits of lingonberries is diverse, with investigations ranging from its anti-inflammatory activity, to weight management potential and support with vascular function and healthy aging.

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Lingonberry Ingredients

Artemis offers wholesale lingonberry juice powder in bulk that is ideal for a variety of functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements. It is suitable for use in capsules, tablets, drink mixes, gummies, cosmetics, and more.

Lingonberry Juice Powder

Lingonberry juice concentrate spray-dried into a soluble powder. All the goodness of lingonberry is packed into this versatile fruit powder.