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PhytoSolutions® Formulations

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Artemis branded PhytoSolutions® are proprietary phytonutrient formulations targeted at specific health concerns. These formulas are developed based on research from around the world demonstrating and supporting the positive effect of these ingredients on a number of areas including brain function, vision, athletic performance, cardiovascular and immune support.

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BerryDefense® Immune Blend

A multi-functional blend of elderberry (Sambucus nigra), aroniaberry (Aronia melanocarpa), and black currant (Ribes nigrum) extracts and juice powders, standardized extracts with a minimum 8% anthocyanins and 20% polyphenols.

Berry Select® High Antioxidant Blend

A proprietary blend of high-antioxidant, standardized berry powders with a minimum of 10% anthocyanins.  A superb addition for an antioxidant boost to foods & beverages.