artemis role in vision

Role in Vision

Visual display terminals (VDT) such as computer monitors, televisions, and videogames are an intrinsic part of modern society and require users to undergo high levels of concentration for long periods without rest. Many VDT operators complain of weary eyes due to tiredness, prolonged concentration, stress, and dryness. The close focusing involved in these tasks causes nearpoint stress (eye muscle fatigue that occurs after focusing on a near object for a long duration) and even long-term nearsightedness. Researchers in Japan have shown that a black currant extract suppresses “false” nearsightedness. Moreover, the use of black currant is indicated to alleviate eye strain and ache.

Nakaishi, H., Matsumoto, H., Tominaga, S., Hyrayama, M. 2000. Effects of black currant anthocyanoside intake on dark adaptation and VDT work-induced transient refractive alteration in healthy humans. Altern. Med. ReV. 5: 553-562

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