Issue #17 – Artemis International Introduces ElderCraft®

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To be Featured at Supply Side West Premium Branded European Black Elderberry Extract 

Ft. Wayne, IN. — Artemis International, specialist in dark-berry, flavonoid-rich Berryceuticals®, is introducing its new premium ElderCraft ® branded extracts to the U.S. market at Supply Side West, Booth #2065. 
ElderCraft® is a European Black Elderberry Extract that is crafted from premium quality Austrian berries (Sambucus nigra, L.) of the variety “Haschberg” extracted using IPT*, a proprietary, 100% solvent-free water extraction and filtration process. 
The extraction technology used for ElderCraft® is a completely physical, ultrafiltration process that concentrates anthocyanins and High Molecular Weight Fractions of the fruit. This proprietary process has the advantage of retaining the whole fruit matrix, taste and aroma profile. ElderCraft® extracts are water-soluble and standardized to a polyphenol and anthocyanin specification. ElderCraft® is the premium product of “The Art of Extraction. Perfected.”
“The ElderCraft® branding of our premium European Black Elderberry Extracts gives us a better marketing position from which to tell our highly differentiating and competitively superior product story including clinical studies using ElderCraft® and responding to the growing importance of traceability,” says Leslie Gallo, president of Artemis International. “We look forward to telling the ElderCraft ® story to everyone who visits our booth and samples ElderCraft® at the upcoming Supply Side West and who also attends our science and technical presentation on ElderCraft® at the show floor theatre.”

Founded in 1995 by Jan Mills, the woman-owned Artemis International, Inc. has become a leader in science-driven flavonoid rich, berry-based nutraceutical ingredients branded as Berryceuticals® for use in the dietary supplements, food and beverages, and cosmeceutical industries. 
*Artemis International works closely with its long-time partner Iprona, headquartered in Lana, Italy. The Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT) was developed by Iprona and first used in the extract processing of ElderCraft ®. Additional “Craft” products will be launched in the near future. ElderCraft ® is a registered trademark of Iprona SpA.

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