Issue #18 – Attend Artemis SSW Theatre Presentation

The Artemis Brief brings you updates on “the happenings” in the healthy world of berry-based bioactives along with developments across the colorful spectrum of flavonoid-rich ingredients for heath and wellness products.

NEW! ElderCraft®. Elevating the Health Efficacy of European Black Elderberry Extract.

Thursday, October 17: 2:00pm – 2:20pm
Location: Supplier Presentation Theater 
Booth #1266

ElderCraft® Sessions Description

In the last year, black elderberry has experienced a boom of popularity and awareness for its notable immune support benefits.  However, not all elderberry ingredients are created equal and Artemis International, in conjunction with Iprona, is proud to officially launch the ElderCraft® brand of premium European black elderberry extract offerings.  Learn about the exciting science and unique “Craft” technology behind ElderCraft®—a truly superior elderberry extract that can “check off all of the boxes” for delivering what today’s product formulators and consumers need and trust in an immune support supplement.

Speakers: Melanie Bush, Director of Berry Science, Artemis International, Inc. & Dr. Stephan Plattner, Business Development Manager, Iprona AG/SpA

NEW! Aronia Meta-Analysis. Getting to The Heart of The Health Research.

Friday, October 18: 11:30am – 11:50am
Location: Supplier Presentation Theater
Booth #1266

Aronia Session Description

Aronia berry, perhaps one of the greatest “hidden treasures” of the berry/antioxidant category, is ready to take on the heart health category with force!  This still somewhat unheralded superberry has been the subject of numerous human clinical studies and has been found to have a significant impact on markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol.  Learn directly from the authors of a brand new meta-analysis that sorts through the clutter of various study designs to give the real statistically relevant effects of Aronia supplementation, and why Aronia deserves a top spot on the next Hot Ingredient Products list.

Speakers: Melanie Bush, Director of Berry Science, Artemis International, Inc. & Dr. Jessie Hawkins, Director, Franklin Institute of Intrgrative Health Sciences.

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