Issue #22 – Black Currant for Vision Health

the artemis brief

Time spent staring at cell phones, tablets, computers, and other screens has dramatically increased over the past year, making eye fatigue a significant issue for people of all ages. In response, the market is seeking out ingredients like black currant that help promote healthy circulation and alleviate eye strain and screen fatigue. Vision products are now being marketed to younger people and even children to help cope with virtual school days.

Learn more about black currant for eye health in our recent Q&A with Natural Products Insider.

Get To Know CurrantCraft®

CurrantCraft® Black Currant Extracts are backed by the highest European quality standards and are exclusively made without the use of harsh chemical solvents with the proprietary Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT) for concentrating and standardizing anthocyanin levels.

With a clear and transparent chain of custody of purely European raw materials, and a focus on sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process, the CurrantCraft® brand is synonymous with high quality standards and social responsibility.

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