Issue #23 – The Science of Elderberry: Setting the Record Straight

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The Science of Elderberry: Setting the Record Straight

The increased emphasis on elderberry as a respiratory supportive supplement has been accompanied by an onslaught of misinformation and clickbait. Misinformation is harmful to public health whether it features grandiose claims the berry can cure COVID-19 or attention-grabbing headlines attacking the berry by carefully omitting substantial portions of the scientific literature. Both overplaying the benefits of the botanical and falsely downplaying the benefits of the botanical leave the public without factual information.

Jessie Hawkins, PhD, Executive Director of the Franklin Health Clinical Research & Education Center, walks through the entirety of the science–from bench to bedside–allowing readers to draw evidence-based conclusions about this popular supplement.

CurrantCraft®: What You Need To Know

In partnership with Iprona, we’ve created CurrantCraft®, an advanced botanical extract produced using European Black Currants which are rich in antioxidants including anthocyanins and other polyphenolic substances, and vitamin C. In recent years, clinical studies have confirmed their benefit in areas including cognition, sport performance, cardiovascular health, and eye health.


Clinical studies found that black currant supports markers of cognitive performance and linked it to reduced anxiety and fatigue, increased alertness, and improved reaction time.


Research has indicated that black currant extract was helpful in alleviating screen-induced vision fatigue.


Studies have shown that black currants, which are rich in anthocyanins, help improve cardiovascular function while reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness in older adults.


Research has linked black currant to positive effects including accelerated replenishment of oxygen in muscles, improved fat oxidation and beneficial effects on cardiovascular parameters during exercise.

CurrantCraft®: Our Standards 

CurrantCraft® Black Currant Extracts are backed by the highest European quality standards and are exclusively made without the use of harsh chemical solvents with the proprietary Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT) for concentrating and standardizing anthocyanin levels.

With a clear and transparent chain of custody of purely European raw materials, and a focus on sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process, the CurrantCraft® brand is synonymous with high quality standards and social responsibility.

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