Issue #27 – Meet Ecovitis®, Our Next-Level Grape Seed Extract

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Meet Ecovitis®, Our Next-Level Grape Seed Extract

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new ingredient to our portfolio: Bonollo’s Ecovitis®, a standardized grape seed extract with the highest level of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) available, 100% Italian origin from field to processing. Grape seed extract is predicted to grow exponentially and has been identified as an ingredient that can help support weight loss, reduce cellulite production and improve the immune system, among other benefits. 

Artemis has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Distillerie Bonollo, a leader in the distillation of grappa and one of the most important producers in Europe. 

Our team will debut this innovative new ingredient at Supply Side West at booth 2757. We’d love to see you there. 

Join Us At Supply Side West

We’re taking our premium branded ingredients to Supply Side West! Stop by booth 2757 to speak with a team member about how to leverage the latest consumer trends in food, beverage and dietary supplements with our quality dark berry nutraceuticals. In the meantime, here’s a taste.

Developed in partnership with Iprona, our Craft line stands out for its standardized anthocyanin content, use of solvent-free extraction technology and transparent European supply chain. The line of quality dark berry nutraceuticals includes ElderCraft®, AroniaCraft®, CurrantCraft®  and CherryCraft®.

Looking for a multi-functional ingredient that supports immune health? Our BerryDefense® Immune Blend contains European black elderberry as well as aronia and black currant extracts to support not only immune health, but also cardiovascular health, and vision health. 

Now it’s even easier to access science-supported nutraceutical ingredients derived from darkly pigmented, flavonoid-rich berries. 

Check out our website for the latest novel ingredient solutions for food, beverage and dietary supplements, including PhytoSolutions for custom product development. 

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