Issue #28 – The Future of Elderberry: Ingredient Guide

Formulating With Elderberry: Everything you need to know about sourcing, science and success

Elderberry—long the go-to ingredient for seasonal immune support—is now a year-round industry superstar. How has the market changed and what lies ahead?

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If you hadn’t heard of black elderberry prior to 2020, you certainly have by now. Once science began to corroborate the anecdotal evidence of elderberry’s potent immune support, mainstream demand skyrocketed. 

Learn what to look for in a high-quality, reputable elderberry ingredient and how to navigate the changing market in our new elderberry ingredient guide

Inside this guide you’ll learn:

  • Why elderberry matters
  • The science behind elderberry’s immune benefits
  • What makes ElderCraft® unique
  • How to source elderberry ingredients responsibly
  • What the future holds for the elderberry market

The best ingredients on the market start with the best raw materials. ElderCraft® has a 100% European origin and a vertically integrated supply chain with premium European elderberries of the Haschberg variety.

This means:

  • Verified source, authenticity and quality of raw materials
  • Full traceability and transparency
  • A long history and ongoing grower relationships 
  • A passion for sustainability and responsible growing practices
  • A well-established and efficient supply chain
  • Unmatched expertise in European Black Elderberry from the fields to the finished extracts

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