Issue #29 – CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract Can Help Vision Fatigue

New Study: CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract Can Help Vision Fatigue

Exciting data from a new study reinforces the clinical vision benefits of CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract. Experts at the Franklin Health Research Center (Franklin, TN) conducted an independent investigation into the effects of Artemis International CurrantCraft® ingredient on symptoms of digital eye fatigue.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial studied the effects of black currant extract supplementation on 61 adult females who worked or studied 6 hours or more per day in front of a screen, split into intervention and placebo groups.Intervention group participants consumed two capsules of standardized black currant extract each day for ten weeks (totaling 445 mg per day), while placebo group consumed two identical, yet inert placebo capsules each day, also for ten weeks.

Trial participants in the intervention group saw statistically significant results, a 29.9% reduction in symptoms of blurry vision. Overall, the results showed that black currant supplementation fostered remarkable improvement in digital eye fatigue. Findings could drive a larger future study to identify additional potential benefits at statistically significant levels.

The best ingredients on the market start with the best raw materials. CurrantCraft® has a 100% European origin and a vertically integrated supply chain with premium black currants. 

Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the beneficial effect of black currants on vision health, cognition, sports performance and heart health. Our CurrantCraft® 7 & 11 are standardized to anthocyanins and polyphenols and suitable for a variety of finished products.

Our promise to you:

  • Verified source, authenticity and quality of the raw materials
  • Full traceability and transparency
  • A long history and ongoing relationship with our growers
  • A passion for sustainability and responsible growing practices
  • A well-established and efficient supply chain
  • Unmatched expertise in European black currants from the fields to the finished extracts

Come visit us at Supply Side East next week! We’ll be exhibiting at booth 231 and we’d love to discuss the new vision health study along with other cutting-edge scientific and product developments.

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