Issue #30 – How To Game The Esports Category

How To Game The Esports Category

Esports—short for electronic sports—is exploding in popularity. If you’re not familiar, esports encompasses a variety of electronic games, including electronic sports, cybersports, competitive computer gaming and virtual sports. And its competitors are no joke.

The typical esports player spends between 5-15 hours per day, 3-6 days a week onscreen, resulting in an extraordinarily high risk for vision fatigue. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science listed vision health as a key concern for gamers, along with cognitive function and focus, stress, sleep disorders and musculoskeletal issues.

81% of esports players want to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable experience during gameplay and recovery.

CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract: A Solution For Screen-Induced Vision Fatigue

A new clinical study shows that CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract is a perfect fit for gamers looking to support vision health. The Franklin Health Research Center conducted an independent investigation into the effects of Artemis International CurrantCraft® ingredient on symptoms of digital eye fatigue—the results showed that black currant supplementation fostered remarkable improvement.

Trial participants in the intervention group saw a 29.9% reduction in blurry vision.

CurrantCraft® has a 100% European origin and a vertically integrated supply chain with premium black currants. 

Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the beneficial effect of black currants on vision health, cognition, sports performance and heart health. CurrantCraft® is standardized to anthocyanins and polyphenols and suitable for a variety of finished products.

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