Issue #31 – The Latest Science of Immune Health

The Latest Science of Immune Health

Key takeaways from three new elderberry-focused clinical trials.

New Study: ElderCraft® Stimulates Immune Response

In the lab, ElderCraft® European black elderberry demonstrated immunomodulatory activity to directly stimulate the body’s immune system. These effects seem to work in parallel to the direct antiviral activities of anthocyanins. (Stich et al., 2022)

Polysaccharides unique to ElderCraft® stimulated an immune response that ran parallel to anthocyanins’ antiviral activities.

New Study: In vitro Antiviral Effects of ElderCraft®

Leading scientists at the University of Erlangen Institute for Virology [Germany] studied the effects of ElderCraft® European black elderberry on SARS-CoV-2 virus, in vitro. ElderCraft® inhibited the replication of the virus (wild type, plus alpha and beta variants) at very low concentrations. 

Experts continue to evaluate elderberry’s efficacy against other variants of public health concern and to identify the precise mechanism of action. Iprona has internationally patented ElderCraft® for antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2.

Building on centuries of anecdotal effectiveness, in vitro study indicates that ElderCraft® had an antiviral effect on SARS-CoV-2 virus.

New Study: ElderCraft® Demonstrates Prebiotic Activity

A human clinical trial showed that ElderCraft® European black elderberry demonstrates prebiotic activity, which helps support a healthy balance of microflora in the gut. Specifically, the study noted a significant and lasting increase in Akkermansia muciniphila.

Take that, GI tracts. ElderCraft® has a rapid and strong prebiotic effect on the bacteria colonizing the human gut microbiota.

The best ingredients on the market start with the best raw materials. ElderCraft® has a 100% European origin and a vertically integrated supply chain with premium Haschberg European black elderberries. 

  • Verified source, authenticity and quality of raw materials
  • Gentle water extraction / ultra-filtration technology
  • Retains important bioactives from original fruit
  • Clinically substantiated

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