Issue #7 – Black Elderberry Means Immunity

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Pamela B. Stewart
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Berryceuticals™ supplier Artemis International focuses on increasing the awareness of European Black Elderberry for Immune Health as well as Colds and Flu

(Ft. Wayne, IN – July, 2017) — Artemis International, leader and pioneer in the science of dark berry extracts and supplier of flavonoid-rich Berryceutical™ ingredients, is waving the immunity flag for its European Black Elderberry ingredient portfolio. Artemis’ goal is for Elderberry to share the position at the top of the immune system support hierarchy with Vitamin C, as evidenced by its historical use and ongoing research being conducted globally on Elderberries including initiatives for new proprietary research and analysis here in the US.

“According to laboratory research, there is evidence that using Black Elderberry as a means to support immune health appears to be a beneficial course of action,” says Dr. Kevin Curran, PhD in molecular biology and professor at the University of San Diego. Dr. Curran is also an expert in Ethnobotany, which explores the historical use of plants for food and medicine. “A recently published article in the Ethnoherbalist newsletter details my research on the relevancy of Black Elderberry and immune support (1) Key findings feature three areas where elderberry has been shown to be beneficial for immune health:

  • enhanced cytokine levels
  • antioxidant boosting
  • virus suppression

Immune health is currently being heralded as a key factor in overall human health, with a strong immune system as a key player in not only warding off cold and flu but also in defending against chronic diseases. Elderberries and their immune support benefits coupled with their extremely high antioxidant activity properties are the focus of Artemis International’s Berryceuticals portfolio in 2017.

“People tend to just think ‘cold and flu’ when they think immunity and Vitamin C has been a go-to’ for immune support. But global research shows that’s only part of the story,” says Jan Mills, president and founder of Artemis International. “Elderberry and its nutraceutical ingredient forms have been utilized throughout history and are currently gaining popularity as a functional ingredient in leading dietary supplements positioned for colds and flu and for Elderberry’s broader immune system benefits. We want to raise the current level of awareness, knowledge of the science, and interest in the nutraceutical power of European Black Elderberry and its ingredient forms in the broader immunity space including chronic diseases.”

Artemis’ unique European Black Elderberry extracts are produced through a proprietary solvent-free process called Holistic Membrane Extraction™ (HME) that delivers the whole fruit matrix in final nutraceutical ingredient form for maximizing their efficacy in a highly differentiated Berryceuticals product line, delivering more immune-support phytonutrients that are inherent to the Elderberry.

The Artemis Berryceuticals™ portfolio includes extracts and other ingredient forms from Elderberries, Aroniaberries, Bilberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Black Currants, and other popular and unique dark berries. The health benefits of these dark colored berries are supported by mounting scientific evidence surrounding the polyphenol group of compounds called flavonoids, remarkably abundant in these berries. Artemis Berryceuticals™ provides the concentrated and natural phytonutrient goodness of these berries in ingredient forms that are used in a wide range of health and wellness-focused products.

Artemis also offers several non-berry, high flavonoid content botanical products, such as Purple Corn and Purple Tea, which are receiving recognition in the press recently for their newly popularized “purple-based” health benefits.


Founded in 1995 by Jan Mills, the woman-owned Artemis International, Inc. has become a leader in science-driven berry-based nutraceutical ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods/beverages and cosmeceuticals. Artemis International recently launched the Berryceuticals™ brand to categorize and create a clear market position for its wide range of berry-based extracts, including Elderberries, Aroniaberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, and Black Currant.

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