Issue #36 – Randy Kreienbrink Joins Artemis as VP of Sales

When it comes to functional foods and supplements, Randy’s knowledge base is unique and unparalleled—developed over 35 years as both a certified food scientist and successful sales and marketing executive. Randy’s impressive list of past industry wins include Nestle’s “Sweet Success,” Jamba Juice Blends, Odwalla Juice Blends, Naked Juice and more. 

He was most recently Vice President of Marketing at MartinBauer/BI Nutraceuticals, and has held senior positions at companies including Brenntag, Pacific, Quadra USA, and Ashland Nutritional North America.

Now, Randy is on board to help lead Artemis into a new phase of growth, as companies and consumers actively look for ways to enhance their diets and nutritional intake for overall wellness. To contact Randy, email

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