Our Partners

iprona logo Artemis nutraceuticals
Founded in 1981 and headquartered within the picturesque Alps of South Tyrol, Italy, Iprona is the leading manufacturer and supplier of fruit-specific ingredients for the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. Their passion for fruit, combined with superior processing via Iprona’s proprietary IPT extraction technology, together to create a line of branded extracts, fruit powders and concentrates that are superior in a growing market. Not satisfied to simply grow and produce, Iprona also leads in research with its clinically validated European Black Elderberry extract, ElderCraft® in several published studies. Artemis and Iprona have enjoyed a successful partnership for more than 20 years. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with premium Iprona-produced ingredients in the years ahead to help take our customers products to the next level.
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Headquartered in Quebec and winner of the 2021 Best Managed Companies in Canada, Fruit d’Or is widely regarded as one of the best cranberry and blueberry ingredient suppliers in our industry ranking first worldwide for growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor. Innovation has been a significant part of the fabric of Fruit d’Or since the beginning, and continues to be a guiding force in its day-to-day activities. Artemis is proud to partner with Fruit d’Or to allow us to bring our customers the finest cranberry and blueberry ingredients available ensuring their products exceed customer expectations.
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Distillerie Bonollo Umberto S.p.A.
The Distillerie Bonollo Umberto S.p.A is considered a leader in the distillation of grappa and one of the most important producers in Europe with a production center in Conselve – in the province of Padua, northeast of Italy. The idea of making the most of grape berries is deeply rooted in the philosophy and expertise of the Bonollo family. As a distillery, they have processed pomace for four generations obtaining distillates with a high organoleptic profile. Combining experience and technology, Bonollo developed a production system capable of enhancing all elements of the source material. Via their proprietary water-membrane extraction process they have produced Ecovitis®, a premium grape seed extract with the highest level of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) and of 100% Italian origin from field to processing. Artemis is excited to offer Ecovitis® as part of our portfolio of premium quality extracts.
pronex logo Artemis nutraceuticals
Since 1986 Pronex has been producing natural colorants from Peruvian raw materials at their manufacturing headquarters in Lima Peru. With their specialization in colors in the range of annatto and carmine, Artemis approached them about anthocyanin production and a partnership was born. Quickly an anthocyanin-specific extraction facility was built and now performs the extraction of our Purple Corn extracts with new extracts planned in the near future. Pronex’ dynamic leadership team, in addition to their production, product development and scientific teams, have allowed for very successful ingredient development projects and we look forward to growing our product line with extracts produced in another beautifully picturesque part of our world.