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Why Artemis

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At our core, we believe dark berries have superpowers. For 25 years, Artemis International has led the charge in bringing high-quality, research-validated dark berry extracts into the food, beverage, and dietary supplements industry. Our peerless reputation underscores this loud and clear.

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We never, ever settle when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing our ingredients—we demand the very best and the highest standards. In this business, transparency is the only basis for true trust. We communicate openly, honestly and as often as necessary to ensure that our integrity remains rock-solid.

Aronia Extract Artemis International Nutraceuticals


Cultivating partnerships with leading-edge berry researchers yields valuable clinical studies that provide thought leadership and drive business innovation. Science benefits all of us.

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No great company succeeds alone. Not ours. Not yours. We’re more than ‘just’ a provider of premium quality ingredients. We become partners, working right alongside our customers to set and surpass business goals. We believe that value-add can’t be beat in this marketplace.
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Technology is great, but we’re old-school when it comes to providing customer service.  We are here to answer your questions.  If you call during normal business hours we actually answer the call because there are few things more frustrating than automated voice response systems!

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Safeguarding our one and only planet guides decision-making at every level—at our cooperatives of berry farms, in our corporate headquarters, at our manufacturing facilities. Our products depend on healthy, robust berry crops, so prioritizing earth-friendly policies and practices makes sense. But we also do it because sustainability-focused choices benefit us all.

Bottom line: At the end of the day, we deliver exactly what we promise.